Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Feature: Walking the Narrow Path

This week's featured Mom with a small business is Missy of "Walking the Narrow Path".

Tell us about yourself.
Friends call me Missy. I am 20 years old, married to the love of my life, Billy for almost 3 years, and we have a 7 month old son, Toby Garner! I grew up in the town of Canal Winchester, Ohio on my grandpa's farm. We raised everything. I showed horses for 9 years in 4-H - that was my life... Horses. I never thought about sewing, even though I could do it well. Since being married, my "horse life" went away for the time being and God has called me to the sewing machine... and *BAM!* my small business was born.

Tell us about your shop. What do you sell?
Simplicity Alterations & Creations by Walking the Narrow Path is about making life a bit more simple. Although I'm still trying to find my "signature", I love making casserole carriers and aromatherapy rice bags. But, ideas are swarming in my head, so who knows what I'll make next.

How did you come up with the name?
"Walking the Narrow Path" is the story of my life, spiritually. I've always chose the "road less traveled" because I chose to follow Jesus Christ. He has lead me to where I am today... which is a pretty good place.
Simplicity Alterations & Creations is more for my local peeps. I started off doing alterations, so when that started booming, I went a little adventurous with creating some cool things.

When did you start creating? Why?
I starting creating when life was at a fork in the road (about a year ago). Part-time jobs and I were on sketchy terms. Then add me being pregnant - no one wants to hire the pregnant woman. So Bill and I decided that I would stay home. But my restless, pregnant self needed to do something other than eat and clean.


What goals do you have for your shop? Is it a hobby, major source of income, or somewhere in between?
My goal for my shop is to be a steady source of income. However right now it's "somewhere in between". I'm getting better at managing my time between mommy and "boss", but life happens and sometimes I don't have any time for being the "boss".

How do you balance your business with your family?
My life revolves around my son and hubby. God blessed us with a pretty content baby, so leaving him on the floor with his toys while mommy "works" has worked out really well. Naps are amazing :) I have also been very fortunate to live close to my in-laws, so they help watch him while I catch up on some things.

How do you keep everything organized? Do you have a workspace?
Right now, that's been difficult but still manageable. We currently rent a house, and space is limited. My work space is more of a "work corner" in our dinning room. A filing cabinet keeps my fabric and "work binders". And then clear tubs in the closet keep the goods. I make sure to keep my business and my home separated, though.

What has been the most difficult aspect of being a Mommy with a Small Business?
Time. Time. Time. There is never enough time in the day. I have to choose between cleaning the floors or making more stock some days. My husband works 2nd shift right now, so the mornings have been a bit more manageable because he helps me out a lot. Also, space, but that may be changing soon...very soon, God willing.

What has been the most rewarding?
The most rewarding thing is that people actually have bought my stuff! Even outside of Etsy. Also, being the "go-to" gal when someone needs their clothes fixed or a bridesmaid dress made. I love helping people on a personal basis. The availability I have is great, too. I'm always home and always available if someone needs something quick.


Do you have any tips for other moms with a small/home business?
Relax. Your first job is being the wife, then mommy, then boss. Nothing is worth more than your family, so don't treat your business as such. However, still put all you got into your work, of course. And pray, there is nothing you can't do when you have the strength of God with you. Trust me, it's pretty amazing.

Thanks, Missy! 
If you would like to see more of "Walking the Narrow Path", please check out the following sites:

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