Friday, January 4, 2013

Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt Dough Ornaments

These ornaments are the PERFECT gift!  They are great for Valentine's Day, but can also be wonderful for Mother's Day, Easter, Birthdays, or for any holiday!  They are especially great for grandparent and other family gifts - or for anyone who loves your little one as much as you do!

Here's what you need to get started:
4 cups of flour
1 cup of salt
Water (I used about a 1 1/2 cups - amount varies)
Oil - for lightly greasing your cookie sheet
Food coloring (optional)

A Large Mixing Bowl
Cookie Sheet
Small rolling pin
Skewer or straw
Paint (optional)

This makes about 5 toddler sized ornaments

First, gather your ingredients.  I find when working with toddlers - it helps to be prepared ahead of time!

Next, mix the flour and salt together in a large mixing bowl.  Add a few drops of food coloring to your water.  I used 2 cups of water and 6 drops of pink food coloring.  Gradually mix the water into your dough by hand (don't forget to take off your rings - I always forget!) until your dough is moist, but not runny.  

Then, lightly oil your cookie sheet.  I put a little oil on a paper towel and rubbed the cookie sheet.

Roll your dough into small balls.  This helps get smooth edges on your ornaments.  Then gently press the balls flat with your hand.

Then roll each one smooth with the rolling pin.  This step may or may not be necessary depending on how smooth you got your dough in the first place.  My little one LOVES the rolling pin, so we went with it!

After we had our flat, round circles I gently pressed her hand into each one.  Make sure to press each finger down so you get the full imprint.  Don't push all the way through!

Then I took a skewer and made to little holes in each one.  I'll thread a ribbon through there later.  I made four handprints and one paw print of our dog... LOL.

Then set your oven on the lowest setting (ours is 170) and bake for about an hour.  You can also let them air dry for 24 hours.  Once the are dry and cool you can paint them or leave them alone.  We decided not to paint ;)  Then just thread your ribbon through!

I had to use the skewer to poke the ribbon all the way through.  Then I double knotted the ribbon and tied a bow.



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