Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Southern Chic Naturals: Easy Valentines tree and stuffed paper hearts

Easy Valentines tree and stuffed paper hearts


Materials for stuffed hearts:
Yarn or string
hole puncher
tissue paper
patterned stock type paper

Materials for Valentines Tree:
Sticks from your trees outside or store bought twigs
White spray paint
White Tissue paper
clear flower vase

How to make Valentine's Tree:
Pick branches from outside or buy some from your local hobby lobby store. (I got mine from fallen branches outside)
Spray paint your branches white, let dry.
Get your clear flower vase and stuff with White tissue paper very tightly.
Stick and arrange your white branches into the tissue paper and Viola!

How to make your stuffed 
Valentine's Hearts:
1. Gather all your materials

2. Choose a piece of stock paper that you want to make your hearts out of.

          3. Depending on how big or small you want your hearts to be you may have to cut your paper in half like I did.
          4. Once cut, slip each folded have into each other. This will give you the two sides you need to stuff your hearts.
                               5. Draw half a shaped heart as in the picture and cut your hearts out.
          6. Place your hearts flat and hole punch a hole in the middle where you'll put your string through.
7. Next get your glue or any form of sticky tape (I use one for scrap booking) and put glue around the edges of one side of your heart. Make sure to leave a little room without glue to stuff your heart.
8. Once you have your glue around the edges, get your other side of your heart and press them together. Again make sure you leave a space without glue open to put your tissue paper through.

9. Tear small pieces of tissue paper and make into balls. Stuff your hearts with the tissue paper using the opening you didn't put glue on. Once finished glue the part closed. Get your string and cut as long or short as you want. Feed through the punched hole you made earlier and tie a knot.

10. Hang all your stuffed hearts on your Valentine's Tree and the finished product will look like this!
You can also add other items to your tree as I did by simply cutting out hearts and stringing them. You can also put pink glittered pines cones to added a flare to your tree. The skies the limit!

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