Monday, April 15, 2013

One Goal at a Time

Expanding a small business takes a lot of work and time, as you may know if you have a business of your own. Unfortunately I can’t offer any short cuts, but I can say working smarter and focusing on one goal at a time makes things happen, and, well, keeps me sane!

We continually look to expand awareness of our business, Bellissima Jewelers, so much so that our ideas often overwhelm us into standing still. So, we regroup, discuss and then focus on one thing. “Today” we decided to focus our efforts on selling to boutiques. Our goal, however, isn’t as much about generating revenue as it is about generating awareness.

So, where did we start with our one goal? Where everyone would probably start, Google and stores I see every day. I began about three months ago researching local boutiques to see what their guidelines are for considering a new vendor. Generally, they review products and if they like it, they offer it and take 50% of the sale of the product. Doesn’t seem fair when we do all the work, but and this is a big but, they have clientele that helps us spread awareness. And, if awareness if our goal, as it is, it’s a great place for us to start.

How did I contact them? I have filled out many, many contact forms on various sites throughout New Jersey with my “intro” information with links to every place I sell and promote. Having forgotten the basic tenements of marketing – WIIFM (What’s In It For Me), the original email was about Bellissima Jewelers, and not about what Bellissima can do for them! So, round two was different. I read their story, their philosophy and generated an email that detailed how our businesses’ align and the benefits to them for selling our jewelry.

Our first response came last week. I was just so happy to get a response. They have four boutiques and we are set to present our selections to them next week! I realize the dollars will be minimal per piece, but that wasn’t our goal, remember. We need awareness and this new relationship (hopefully) is a great way to start.

Too many goals split resources, thoughts and actions increasing the time it takes to attain a goal. So, set one goal with desired outcomes, and work to make those outcomes come true.

This post is brought to you by Bellissima Jewelers.

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