Monday, March 18, 2013

Simple No Sew Hair Scrunchies

Simple No Sew Hair Scrunchies

These simple little hair accessories are easy and fun to make as well as wallet friendly! They work really well as a fun craft for sleepovers, birthday parties, or Girl Scout troops and are sure to delight your little dancers, fairies, and princesses!

You will need:


Your preferred type of hair elastic (I like the ouch-free variety)
Ribbon, fabric, or yarn cut into 4-5” lengths (Here I am using two colors of satin ribbon)

Fray Check (optional)

15-30 minutes depending on finger dexterity

Step 1: Fold ribbon piece in half and push it through the hair elastic.

Step 2: Reach your fingers through the loop made by the ribbon and grasp the loose ends

Step 3: Pull the loose end of the ribbon through the loop

Step 4: Position the loose ends of the ribbon toward the outside of the hair elastic and pull tight. The loop with hug the hair elastic. (Note, by now you are saying, “Why don’t I just tie the ribbons onto the elastic?” Two reasons: first the pressure exerted directly on the elastic can cause it to snap, second the seam made by this method is smoother, which means your little ones’ hair won’t get tangled up in it as easily)

Step 5: Making sure the loop is very tight around the elastic tie a knot with the loose ends of the ribbon. 

Step 6: Tie a second (you can even do a third if you wish) knot. The knot bundle should be bulky enough to keep the loop from sliding back up the ribbon. 

Repeat steps until the elastic is covered. For this two toned version I alternated between a sparkly sheer blue and a satiny spring green.

Your finished product should look something like this.

With endless color and material options, these versatile little baubles can be made to match any costume or outfit. You can also attach beads, shells, flowers, jewelry charms or feathers to dress them up a bit. I would suggest that if you wish to glue stitch something like a flower onto it you sew through or glue onto the ribbon. Any piercing or heating of the elastic will weaken it which means you won’t get to enjoy your creation as long. Have fun, take chances, and be creative!!

Sonia Horowitz

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