Monday, June 17, 2013

4 Marketing Tips for a Small Business

One of the greatest mistakes any business can make, especially small businesses, is to fail to allocate time and resources to marketing. After all, no matter how good your product is no one will buy it unless they know about your product. Marketing your product is how people learn who you are and what you offer. 

Tips for Marketing on a Low or No Budget

1. Social Media. Even if you don’t currently use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Wanelo, now is the time. Read about each and start with one. As you feel more and more comfortable with one of them, you will expand to more online social media sites. Remember, marketing through any of these avenues is free, just costs you time. 

2. MomsPack. MomsPack is a free networking group for moms who own a business. Members offer to distribute your coupons or samples to their customers for free. Visit for more information. 

3. Blogs. Find blogs or join a blog group on Etsy (if you are sell on Etsy) and make friends. Many bloggers will do a spot on your products with photographs and some will offer to do a free review of your products. Many bloggers ask for a free sample of what you sell in exchange. Up to you if you think the review and free press is worth the cost of a product you sell. 

4. Build a Website. Having your own website is not as hard as you believe. We just built our website on without knowing any code. Sure it takes time, but depending on your needs, your website can be absolutely free. See our website as an example, 


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