Monday, June 10, 2013

Kid's Say the Darndest Things

Hi all you “MOMMY’S SMALL BUSINESS” entrepreneurs. I met Amanda Doster when she posted on our etsy street team’s (castteam) weekly blog blitz. I offered to do a “guest post” for the MOMMY’S SMALL BUSINESS BLOG to encourage ya’ll to keep a journal of the funny things your kids say. The logic and immature reasonings, conclusions and conceptualization of your small children are so totally precious, I would hate for you to risk those memories dimming by the passage of time. They grow out of this sweet innocence so quickly as they develop and become wise in the ways of the world.
When my children were small, they were comedians (unknowingly). When they said something precious, I would reach for the closest piece of paper I could find. Sometimes it was the back of an envelope, other times, it might have been a napkin in a restaurant. I had a keepsake box where I stashed all these scraps of paper. However, lots of times those scraps got lost before I could carefully place them into the keepsake box and other times the scraps suffered much wear and tear in my wallet, pocket or purse before seeing the inside of that box.
Now that I’m I’m a grammy, I have developed a much safer process. I thought of this when my grandson Sean began making these hysterically funny statements that I just couldn’t bear to forget. I bought myself a blank, spiral notebook. It has a kid friendly cover and colorful neon blank pages inside. I began to fill those pages with Sean’s funny anecdotes. I thought there would never be another kid on earth as entertaining as Sean but I was wrong – along came his sister, Melissa.
Of course, if you’re a grammy, you are going to have to depend on your grown child to relate those experiences to you so you can preserve them. But if you’re a babysitting grammy, you can be sure that they’ll pronounce  some stunning observations right in your hearing, which you can then transfer to the journal.
Because their parents know that I keep this journal, they have been faithful to supply me with fodder for my journal. In addition, I get mail.  I receive all kinds of greeting cards made by my darlings, their report cards, school honors, etc. The journal was bursting at the seams. I had to get myself a box.
One of the best perks of keeping this journal, is those very same kids, grow up so fast, now love to look at it, especially when they’re all together (cousins event), laughing over their own childhood antics now that they are sophisticated teens or twenty somethings.
I encourage you, before it’s too late – make yourself a “KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS” journal and fill it with the priceless sayings of your little children.

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  1. Thank you for inviting me to do a guest post on your blog. It's always delightful to share my "kid-friendly" experiences with young mommies.

  2. Excellent advice Rita, I have been journalling about the things of spiritual significance that my 5 year old son says, and I have a dictionary of his first 20 or 30 words, but I now feel the urgency to write everything else he says... maybe I should run a video recorder 24/7 instead... I know, no fun, hehehe.