Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Feature: North Country Crochet

This week's feature is Darcy from North Country Crochet.

Tell us about yourself:
I am a 36 year old stay at home mom with a wonderful husband and two beautiful girls. I did work outside the home until my first daughter was about 6 months old. Being away from her was a huge struggle for me and although I theoretically wanted to use my college degree and I loved my employers, I knew the "right" thing for me was to be home. We decided to take our chances and be a one income family and although it is a struggle at times, we have built a life that is so wonderful I almost feel guilty at times!

Tell us about your shop:
My shop is full of hats, scarves, photo prop sets and some novelty items.

When did you start creating? Why?
My children are both school age now and we weren't ready as a family for me to go back out into the workforce so I found myself with some extra time on my hands. Knowing that seeing my youngest off to kindergarten would send my usual daily "mommy routine" into a tailspin, I knew I needed something to occupy my mind and some of my time. I decided to rediscover crocheting, which my Grandmother had taught me at around 7 years old. I had not done it in 25 or more years so I was a little skeptical about my skill level. I did however, immediately pick it back up. I was so excited that I kept buying new yarns and trying new patterns. Eventually every storage space I had was pouring out yarn, everyone had hats (even the dolls!) and I was going broke buying patterns and yarn. My mother had been encouraging me to start an Etsy shop so I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try. I went into this venture thinking it would be a struggle to make sales and I was ok with that. I was surprised that just a few days after opening I had a sale--how exciting and motivating! The sales starting coming pretty regularly and just 6 months in I have hit 75 sales. I am thrilled and love the Etsy community.


What goals do you have for your shop? Is is a hobby, major source of income, or somewhere in between?
My goal for my shop is just to be able to enjoy creating something personal for someone I've never met and hoping they love it and smile when they see it. At the end of the day, I want my shop to generate enough revenue to pay for my materials, Etsy bills, shipping and maybe just a little left over for something fun for my family. I also would love to buy birthday and Fathers Day gifts for my husband without using his own money!

What has been the most rewarding?
The most rewarding thing I have taken from this whole experience has been communicating with the wonderful people who utilize Etsy and hearing from a customer that they love the item I sent them.

How do you balance your business with your family?

Because I can create during the day when my kids are at school or after bedtimes, or even just while I'm chatting with my kids after school, it has not really proven to be a balancing act. I am so thankful for that. My family are my biggest cheerleaders and they are all so supportive. My daughters get so excited when they hear my Etsy app cash register sound go off on my phone indicating a new order.

Do you have any tips for other moms with a small/home business?
The only tip I have for moms with small home businesses or looking to start one up is to always be willing to step outside your comfort zone. The greatest risks reap the greatest rewards.

 Thanks, Darcy! 
You can find Darcy and her creations at her Etsy store:

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  1. Those articles are soo lovely! I must say that your line of business is something that you don’t have to invest too much in; just the materials and your talent. Anyway, do you think it’s enough? Do you have any plans of expanding it?